So I’ve been working on some sort of portfolio/archive for my pictures, and I thought I was time for me to share it 🙂 I’ve decided to just call the site “Joie’s portfolio” 😛

My portfolio is in English, thou it’s not much text at all, and so far not that many pictures, I think I’ll continue working on it tomorrow. But it’s getting late and I’m tired 🙂



English Tybble Party

We have a party in Tybble every Tuesday. Last night it was England’s turn to host the party. Chris even had a few friends over from back home. Usualy there are a lot of people at all Tybble parties, but last night… Well, lets just say that Chris can’t have had a lot to clean afterwards.

English tybble party

Where’s the spring?

I want the spring to come. I thought it was here, since the sun’s been shining like the whole last week. But this weekend it snowed, a LOT! Isn’t it enough? I mean the flowers has already started to come up of the ground. And now there’s like a few inches of snow covering everything like a huge blanket laid all over everything. But at least the sun is shining, and that’s always something. Hopefully the snow will be cone by next week 🙂

I have class today, both in the morning and in the afternoon. My morning class was ok. We watched a movie from Japan called “Mad Detective”, it was good, but a bit confusing. It was hard to know what really happened in the end. And now I have had lunch for almost 2 hours. Our lunch starts when the movie we’re watching ends, and then we start class again at 2.15, Today thats a 2.5 hour break. I guess I could go home, it doesn’t take very long to go to my place. But I figure since Elin can’t go home I might just stay here and keep her company.

Tonight’s the English Tybble-party. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, although a lot of people isn’t coming, since they have exams this week. That’s too bad. But I think we can have a lot of fun without them 😛

It’s gonna be hard to get up tomorrow. My classes starts at 9.15 am and doesn’t end until 7 pm. I’m gonna be so tired, I just hope that the sun will be up tomorrow too, it’s a bit easier to stay alert if the sun’s up. And hopefully the snow will go away if it is 😉


My university called me a while ago and asked me if I wanted to switch, and take a place at UWF instead. First I was in chock. “What?!” I think I said to her, I do not remember that part so much 😛

So I’m now going to Pensacola, Florida instead of Arizona 🙂 I’m so happy.


So I’m going to Flagstaff in Arizona next spring 😀 I’m so happy! I was looking around on the web for information about Flagstaff, and found this text. It’s really interesting.

Flagstaff’s slogan ‘They don’t make towns like this anymore’ is right on the money. This quaint town is filled with things for you to explore or it can provide you with the perfect opportunity to put up your feet and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you. The choice is yours.

This great hideaway is a welcome relief from the desert heat. It also provides a change from the typical desert scenery. Flagstaff is completely surrounded by the Coconino National Forest. The elevations range from 2,600 to 12,633 feet. You’ll see cacti and alpines along its many trails as well as a wide variety of wildlife. Explore the mountains and canyons, lakes and streams. There are four main areas, each with their own unique display of nature. Whether you love to hike, bike, walk or swim, the Coconino National Forest is a wealth of beauty worth exploring.

Any skiers or boarders out there? The Snowbowl has an average snowfall of 260 inches and offers 32 trails for you to explore. Considering its home is in Arizona, well known for its desert heat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the fantastic ski trails this desert state has to offer. If you’re here during the off-season, grab a ride on the sky lift and enjoy a breathtaking view from the top. The Snowbowl also brags to have the best sunset views anytime of the year.

For the space lovers traveling with you, a visit to the Meteor Crater is a must. It’s the best-preserved meteorite impact site in the world. The crater is 550 feet deep and has a circumference of 2.4 miles. There are great interactive displays, an Astronaut Wall of Fame and an Apollo Space capsule. If the weather is nice, you can also get a guided trail tour of the rim. In town there’s the Lowell Observatory. It was made famous when the astronomers here first viewed Pluto. Telescope viewings and tours are available.

Downtown Flagstaff is known as the Historic Railroad District. The area is filled with reminders of the railroad and Route 66 days. Enjoy the architecture as you explore the boutiques, galleries and bookstores. For a unique shopping experience, head over to Black Bart’s Antique Store. With the West as its theme you’ll find furniture, glassware and much more in the oldest and largest antique store in Flagstaff.

I want to go now, it seems like so much fun.


I had English today, and I got my first homework back. The teacher said that I hade done a good job. Just a few minor slips. Like I wrote “grow” instead of “grew”, as in “I grew up…”

I am really enjoying my English communication class. It’s really interesting, I’m learning so much I normally wouldn’t think about. Thinks that I can feel should be in a sertain way and now knowing the why’s 🙂

High School graduation

I was looking at some old pictures and found this picture from my high school graduation. In this picture are all girls in my year. We weren’t so many, but we had a lot of fun together 😀

High school graduation
high school graduation